XANES GD11 5-in-1 532nm Powerful All Star Green Laser Pointer Pen + Star Cap

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Product name: XANES GD11 5-in-1 532nm All Star Green Laser Pointer
Light color: Green
Light Style: kaleidoscopic
Wave Length: 532nm
Output Power: 1mw
Power Supply: 2 x AAAbattery (not included)
Materila: aluminum
Pen color: black
Size: 15.8 x 1.3 x 1.5cm
Weight: 31g

• 5 different and changeable light patterns with a single point light.
• Rotate the converter head and you can change the pattern of the light
• The light can be used to point at any desired target on projection screen, video or objects at a distance etc.
• It can also be used to create romantic atmosphere or for fun, presentation, teaching indicator, etc.
• Pen-sized and lightweight that you can put it your pocket or handbag.
• Designed with purple color light, which is easy for you to find the target and outline the key point.
• The battery space is totally sealed that can avoid water into it causing short-circuit.
• Anti-slip handle, which prevents the laser pointer pen from dropping down in your hand.

Do NOT point laser at people. There is danger of physical harm if beam is shined into the eyes. Children should only handle lasers under adult supervision.

Package included:
1 x XANES GD11 5-in-1 532nm All Star Green Laser Pointer

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